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About Us

Our Mission is committed to providing luxury, designer and discontinued beauty products delivered straight to the customer’s door. As an online merchandiser adding new products each day, is devoted to busy beauty consumers who love finding beauty treasures without the worries of quality or authenticity.


About Us


Hi! I’m Ashleigh, owner of My goal is to provide you with luxury, designer and discontinued products delivered straight to your door without the worry of quality or authenticity. You are the reason for the existence of, and I hope you enjoy the thrill of finding the perfect beauty product at an affordable price.


My adventures in online merchandising began back in 1998 when my mom read a magazine article about eBay. Knowing my heart really wasn’t into my studies at a local community college, she said, “This may be the solution for you.” As soon as I read the article, I hit the ground running and soon posted my first item for sale.


While working at a local bank, I spent every spare second on the internet, listing items for sale on eBay. I got a thrill every time I made a sale or found a product I knew someone else loved. Soon I was making more “on the side” than at my day job, and I began to dream of working full-time at my online business someday.


Over the next 10 years I worked my way up the ladder at the bank, reluctant to leave the security of my job and go out on my own. But everything changed when the banking industry collapsed in 2009. Getting laid off from my job gave me the courage to pursue my dream.


After lots of learning and bumps in the road, I branded my online business as in 2014, expanded sales to six different online marketplaces, and began building the website that you see today.


A lot has changed since that article in 1998, but one thing has remained the same: I still love every minute of online merchandising! I still get a thrill when a new shipment of beauty products arrive each day, I still love communicating with customers about our fabulous deals, and I still love making customers happy.


In fact, it’s my hope that every purchase from makes you happy. I want nothing more than to make my customers happy – happy with the joy of finding a discontinued product that you can’t do without, and happy with the products and service we provide. Nothing in the world sounds sweeter to me than having a customer write, “Thank you for offering such a great product at such a great price!” 

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